Applying V-Mortar
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V-Mortar Project
V-Mortar is an inorganic, eco-friendly, non-Portland based mortar that doesn’t contain VOC’s or fly ash. Designed for, but not limited to vertical and overhead applications.

V-Mortar provides superior compressive, bond, flex and waterproofing capabilities.

Its rapid
-set, high early-strength and ease-of-use properties reduce prep time and labor costs, allowing for multiple coats and repairs preformed in hours, instead of days.

V-Mortar Key Features:

• Provides a Negative Carbon Footprint
• Zero Coal-Sourced Fly Ash
• Zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), No Odor, No HAPs
• All-Weather Application
• Rapid Setting
• Rapid Strength
• Virtually Water-tight
• Above and Below Grade Applications
• Finish to Desired Texture

V-Mortar bonds excellently to steel/metal, plastics, wood, concrete among other substrates and may be used as a replacement for Portland, type S and N cements. It can be used as a repair mortar, stucco, structural laying of brick, block and stone, also as a waterproof coating above and below grade or anywhere a superior mortar or coating is required. V-Mortar may be textured to desired finish cast, stamped, pigmented, polished, painted and stained.

V-Mortar Applications include, but are not limited to:

• Repair Mortar
• Stucco Base and Finish Coat
• One-coat Stucco
• Parge coat
• Above and Below Grade
• Structural Laying of Brick, Block and Stone
• Waterproof Coating
• Resurfacer/Overlay

V-Mortar Technical Data - Coming Soon
V-Mortar Safety Data (MSDS) - Coming Soon
V-Mortar High Performance Rapid Strength Vertical & Overhead Mortar