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Below you will find our Privacy Policy.

In summary, we use the information provided to us for our purposes only, those as stated, and release to no other party, unless such is due and expected in the course of business, or in response to a guest or visitor's request.

Regardless and in any case, we treat any identifiable information as true and totally confidential. The finer points are addressed below. Visitors are advised to review our
Terms of Use as well.

Privacy Policy

Identifying information, including names, and electronic and physical addresses, collected or gathered by cerakousa.com, provided by a guest or visitor, through the means of our web site or other electronic means associated with our web site, cerakousa.com, is not provided, sold, nor traded to any other party and only released to another party in the case that such information is necessary in due course of assisting a guest or visitor requesting information from or showing interest in a specific and distinguishable other party. Merely visiting our site and participating in a survey or communicating via e-mail or a contact form does not constitute interest in another party, unless specifically mentioned within the content of such communication.

Therefore, all requests, replies or responses made electronically, including information provided, or correspondence, not naming another party specifically, are not translated, implied nor communicated to any other party and such information is considered a general submission of information to, or requested upon cerakousa.com, and no other party.

Advertisers (displaying a link, banner or logo on our web site) or other parties may serve content and/or advertisements, collect information directly from visitors and may place or recognize cookies on the visitor's browser if a visitor chooses to visit or link to one of their sites, domains or URLs. You are advised to review and understand the privacy policy and terms of use or other related conditions upon visiting such sites and before providing any information. Please verify your cookie settings within your browser settings and adjust accordingly if so desired. For a fair and accurate description of cookies, go to www.wikipedia.org and type "web cookies" in the search field.

Information submitted in response to a survey or questionnaire on our web site, cerakousa.com, may be used as part of a collective compilation of data; however, any visitor providing or submitting such information will not be identified in or associated to any report, presentation or release of such information.

Cerakousa.com reserves the right to contact and attempt relevant (to the intention of the offerings, services or products mentioned or presented) correspondence with visitors or guests, or other responding parties, who either show willingness or intent, in writing or via electronic submission form or correspondence, to receive same.

We do our best to employ adequate protection and security of information provided by site visitors at the point of reception within our site or upon receiving via any other electronic communications within our computer system/network. We also do our best to adequately protect and secure any such information once received and stored.

In most cases, we do not request nor require information which would identify an individual, although a visitor does have the opportunity to do so for whatever reason the visitor finds beneficial or necessary. In certain instances, we may find provision of such additional information necessary in communicating or conducting business with a visitor.

Correspondence or content which is belligerent, conveys hatred (malicious or otherwise), illustrates bias based upon race, religion or ethnicity, toward another party or group, or that which is pornographic in nature is NOT acceptable. All unsolicited (surveys being solicited) forms of communications and media, submitted via electronic means, by web site submission or e-mail, become the property of cerakousa.com.

All electronic transmissions, i.e. e-mail, sent to a guest or visitor requesting or consenting to receive such, will conspicuously provide the means to terminate same upon each contact or transmission, or the recipient may contact us to do so at
https://cerakousa.com/Contact.html for the particular electronic periodical or to discontinue any or all Internet based contact. Visitors or guests and patrons of cerakousa.com, at times, may have the opportunity to subscribe to electronic transmissions and/or periodic e-mail correspondence of supporting, advertising or other parties. Whether such media is identifiably offered by cerakousa.com or another party, we recommend the participating or requesting party ensures they are aware of the subscribe and unsubscribe policies involved and make their decision to subscribe to/receive or terminate/unsubscribe such transmissions accordingly. We encourage any and all response regarding any non-compliance. Submit any such information or complaints at https://cerakousa.com/Contact.html. Visitors are advised to review our Terms of Use as well. Cerakousa.com reserves the right to modify or amend this Policy without notice at any time. It is therefore important that you read this page regularly to ensure you are aware of any changes.

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