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Pouring SL-147
Applying SL-147
SL-147 is a high performance, rapid setting, eco-friendly, non-Portland based, interior and exterior self-leveling underlayment. It contains no VOC's, fly ash, and has no odor unlike standard concretes and mortars. SL-147 is specially designed for time sensitive applications, producing a level, hard, highly flexible surface with an extremely high bond. Mix with water, no additional primers or additives are required. Its rapid set, high early-strength and ease-of-use qualities reduce prep time and labor costs. Return-to-service times in hours versus days.

SL-147 can be applied in cold temperatures and be applied from a feather edge to 1 inch and up to 5 inches with the use of aggregates. Flooring can be installed in 6 to 16 hours depending on temperatures and flooring type. SL-147 is suitable for epoxy overlays and paints.

SL-147 Key Features:

• Eco-Friendly
• ZERO Coal-Sourced Fly Ash
• Negative Carbon Footprint
• ZERO Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's)
• Interior/Exterior Application
• Cold Weather Application
• Rapid Set
• High Early-Strength
• High Bond
• Exceptional Flex
• Finish to Desired Texture

SL-147 bonds excellently to concrete and wood. Contact Cerako USA prior to installing on other substrates. SL-147 is suitable for interior and exterior applications. It can be used as a final flooring option or resurfacer in non-heavy traffic and industrial applications.

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SL-147 High Performance Self-leveling Underlayment