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MSL is an all-weather inorganic eco-friendly non-Portland based ceramic cement that contains no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Fly Ash, odor or off-gassing, unlike standard concretes and mortars. It is an anti-corrosive, anti-abrasive, UV resistant, fire resistant ceramic cement. Self-bonding/self-cleaning capabilities provide superior bond and movement with the substrate. Its rapid-set, high early-strength and ease-of-use, reduces preparation time and labor costs. MSL dries to touch within minutes, allowing multiple coats and repairs preformed in hours instead of days.

MSL Key Features:

• Provides a Negative Carbon Footprint
• Zero Coal-Sourced Fly Ash
• Zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), No Odor, No HAPs
• All-Weather Application
• Non-Conductive
• Zero Shrinkage
• Zero Flame Spread
• Withstands Extreme Temperatures
• Abrasive Resistant
• Ice Melt/Salt/Brine Resistant
• Castable
• Finish to Desired Texture
• Anti-Corrosive
• UV Resistant

MSL bonds excellently to steel/metal, wood and concrete, among other substrates. Unlike other cements, it expands and contracts with the substrate, creating a superior bond and can be used as a repair mortar, stucco, resurfacer, thin overlay terrazzo/floor coating, thinset/grout, countertop or anywhere a superior mortar or coating is required. MSL can be cast, stamped, pigmented, polished and stained.

MSL Applications include, but are not limited to:

• Repair Mortar
• Concrete
• Stucco
• Thinset/Grout
• Terrazzo
• Resurfacer/Overlay
• Fire Resistant Coating
• Anti-corrosive Coating
• Pre-cast/Countertop
• Refractory Cement
• Block, Brick &Tile

MSL Technical Data
MSL Safety Data (MSDS)
MSL High Performance Ceramic Mortar and Coating