Applying LP
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LP Project
LP is a high performance low porosity, inorganic, eco-friendly non-Portland based cement. LP contains no VOC's, fly ash and has no odor, unlike standard concretes and mortars. Specially designed for roads, bridge decks and overlays requiring high early-strength cement.

LP is fast setting, anti-corrosive, has low permeability and excellent freeze thaw characteristics. LP is mixed with aggregates and water to yield high performance concrete mixes. Its rapid-set, high early-strength and ease-of-use qualities reduce prep time and labor costs. Return-to-service times in hours versus days. Typically 2000lbs yields 3-3.5 cubic yards of concrete. LP is available raw, pre-blended, bagged or in bulk.

LP Key Features:
• Negative Carbon Footprint
• ZERO Coal-Sourced Fly Ash
• ZERO Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's), No Odor, No HAP's
• Fast Setting
• Cold Weather Application
• High Early-Strength
• Easy to Place
• Extremely Fast Return-to-Service
• High Bond and Flex
• Excellent Freeze Thaw
• Corrosion Resistant

LP Technical Data - Coming Soon
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LP High Performance Low Porosity Cement